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Anonymous female worker speaks her truth

I spoke to a female custodian over the phone last Thursday night regarding her injuries and working conditions at UCSD. I have translated her story from Spanish to English in the best of my abiliities.

 I am 55 years old. I began working when I was 50 yrs old. I was really happy when I got this job. I thought wow! what a  good job.  I thought to myself , I want to work here until I retire but I never thought that this job that I loved would turn into a nightmare. Jeff Wadell changed everything. He does not believe our stories. He does not want to hear us. He does not care about our suffering.
I have received  two surgeries on  my right arm and one on my left arm. I am currently recovering from  my last surgery  performed the beginning of this month.  I have been working for 4 years. I feel I have been a good worker  and for them to tell me I am  lying . I felt terrible , depressed and betrayed.
Even after I  address how much pain I was  going through Jeff wadell refused to listen to me. The pain was so intense that I could no longer rotate my neck.I was diagnosed with  carpal tunnel and tendonitis due to the stress caused by the steam machines and the overload of work.
It all began with the steam machines.  I was among the first workers to start using  the steam machines. During my training process,  I realize I did not like them. At first I was very excited and thought wow! this is really interesting. Its something new. Then in September when they became mandatory  I noticed a change in my attitude. I was more irritable, full of stress and I had  a sharp pain in my right arm. I would come home mad and frustrated.
I address to Jeff Wadell that the steam machines were not being effective because they were not cleaning properly and it put a lot of stress on my body. He ignored my comments and stated that I did not know how to use it.   Instead he would make remarks such as “you are going to gain muscles and get in shaped”
I have always been a hard worker and have always done a quality service. I am a very committed person. I was in love with my work. I always received compliments from other workers about the cleanliness of my areas.   I loved leaving   a clean environment for the students. I put a lot of energy in my work and they did not care. All they (management) care about is their production and don’t care if the workers suffer.
I am not used to doing a half cleaning job. So when the management says  “don’t deep clean” I cannot do that. I take pride in my work and I am not willing to semi-clean.
I felt that Jeff Wadell was treating us like if we were in the navy, we were in constant rush, stress and full of injuries.
Jeff Wadell is inhuman, he had no sympathy for my pain, he just stood there and mocked me.
I  have felt humiliated and dehumanized. I used to love my work I took so much pride in  it but then Jeff came and changed everything. I could no longer keep up with the work and was no longer satisfied with how I was performing.
I have been physically and emotionally harm  working on this campus.
I have lost sleep, I can not sleep comfortably I have to sleep upright. Due to my recent operations. This past year has been a physical and emotional struggle but I hope that people see my case and realize how HDH is mistreating it’s workers.
– Anonymous Custodian


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