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A written account of one custodian’s injury

trabajadora 2012 This document was written by a female UCSD custodian.Below is her story translated in English.

I work in the housing department. My injuries are the result of the change of schedules in which we now have 3 days to clean dorms and two days to clean apartments. I started with  a pain in the middle of my hand. I didn’t give it any importance because I thought it was due to my daily work routine and that it would eventually go away but it did not go away. After two weeks I could not longer sleep. I went to the doctor and I was out sick for  6 weeks. I was going to therapy 3 times a week and visiting the doctor 2 times a week. One day that I had an appointment with the doctor for some X-rays on my injured hand I got a call from my supervisor telling me to go back to work the next day when I still had not received an ok from the doctor. I was forced to go back to work with pain and a glove that covered completely my hand and half of my arm. The doctor told me to use my good hand to work.

That is why I say it is unjust what they do to us.

This female worker was insinuating how she believes that management speaks to the doctors ( provided by the university’s insurance) before they see any worker and arranges their approval to send workers back to work regardless of their health conditions.


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