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UCSD worker’s break the silence

Today, the Graduate Student Association  passed the resolution to hire more custodians  and ensure that UCSD makes ethical practices regarding the conditions of employment for custodian workers.  Last Wednesday on May 9th, the Student Worker Collective  presented the resolution to the A.S board it was quickly passed by a unanimous vote after Rosa Hernandez and Leo delivered their compelling testimonies. The room was filled with many workers, students, and union members all in support of the petition.

Rosa and Leo delivered a very strong message that called out  the unethical practices of UCSD and unhygienic environment that management has created. The shortage of workers and the construction of new housing has overloaded the work of custodians and has decreased the quality of living on campus. Rosa and Leo emphasized how students are not getting a high quality housing service they paid for.Due to management’s resistance to hire more workers and the increase of housing many building have been left unclean.

Workers  and students are both being affected by the management’s decision to keep on rotating workers to new areas  and not hiring new workers to substitute the ones they have moved. Due to the lack of numbers many workers have been denied to take days off even when they are sick. This shortage of numbers is not only affecting the quality of living for students but also the workers in drastic condition that affect their everyday lives.

The workers and students were very moved by the passing of the resolution. There were many tears  of  joy and gratitude from the workers and students.  There was a great feeling of solidarity among students and workers.Although the passing of the resolution does not guarantee that the administration will agree to the proposals it does give hope and empower the workers not to give up.


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