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UCSD workers in action

Our Voices will be Heard!!

“We will not let you do what you want and not let our voices be heard…when they are not letting him (Leo) go to these meetings they are denying our right for our voices to be heard”– Imelda,AFSME 3299 union orgnanizer

AFSCME 3299- Representation!!

Yesterday, at 12:00 pm, AFSCME 3299 held an action  at the Labor Relations office, right across UCSD’S transfer’s housing. The action is regarding  UCOP’s refusal to release Leo De La Torre the executive board member and representative of AFSCME 3299 service bargaining team to the upcoming  Patient Care and Service contract negotiations. AFSCME 3299’s union […]

UCSD worker’s break the silence

Today, the Graduate Student Association  passed the resolution to hire more custodians  and ensure that UCSD makes ethical practices regarding the conditions of employment for custodian workers.  Last Wednesday on May 9th, the Student Worker Collective  presented the resolution to the A.S board it was quickly passed by a unanimous vote after Rosa Hernandez and […]

Making the Invisible, Visible at UCSD

So, far the petition to hire more service workers responsible for cleaning the dorms and apartments at the University of California, San Diego has gathered more than 300 signatures. The petition has been circulating on campus and on Facebook for a couple of weeks and has not only gathered support from students but from the […]

The Sweat on the Green Grass and Spotless Kitchens

“ Ramiro Gomez, is a Los Angeles artist, producer of the popular  “Happy Hills” blog. He has developed since 2011, a new form of popular culture and  has recently been recognized for his unique public art installations on wealthy Los Angeles neighborhoods, made out of three-dimensional paintings of low-wage domestic laborers on cardboard. He paints housekeepers, valet workers and […]

International Worker’s Day

May 1st is often referred to May day but it also International Worker’s Day! May 1st commemorates the Chicago Haymarket  Massacre of 1886 in which 35,000 workers walked off their jobs to demand an eight- hour workday. May 1st is known for holding  protests and rallies  all around the world There were rallies in  Asia, […]